Constant Hawk

Jorge provides direct support to theater commanders, featuring full turn-key operation from collection to intelligence analysis.

Constant Hawk Photo

Jorge is a leading integrator for the Army Program Manager — Aerial Common Sensor (PM ACS) Constant Hawk program, a manned Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system.

Jorge also provides all of the operational, program management and maintenance support for the system including tactical and flight operations; aviation safety, petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) operations; aviation life support equipment (ALSE), aircraft, and ground support equipment maintenance; sensor integration and management; and imagery analysis and archiving. Jorge performs everything required in order to provide the US Army with actionable intelligence.

Whether providing technical, program management or operational support to Jorge customers, our employees consistently meet the goals and objectives set before them. In particular, Jorge employees thrive on the fast-paced tempo and demanding requirements associated with the international and national security missions of many of our customers.

Jorge employees are responsible for:

Expert delivery of mission-critical services
Successful support of fast-paced
operational tempos│Thorough Support of emerging and demanding requirements

“Jorge employees consistently ensure that our clients accomplish their goals and meet stated requirements on time, on target and with outstanding quality.”
― Chris Torti, Jorge President